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making medico-legal reports easy

healthmemo's assist helps you prepare an accurate report with:

  • more confidence,

  • less stress, and

  • in half the time

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ease your pain

Medical experts receive briefs with volumes of documents that are painful to work with!

case reviews and reports take too long

Time is wasted manually accessing and reviewing numerous files to piece together personal and medical history, diagnostic conclusions, and information to address questions asked in the referral. Extracting key information for a case should not be this hard!

too easy to miss information

Relying solely on manual review of source material can lead to overlooking crucial information and factual errors impacting the accuracy of your reports. Case outcomes may be affected together with your reputation, reducing demand for your services.

high cost of inefficiency

Scanning the jumble of documents to find, review and cross check the information scattered throughout is a drain on productivity. The cost of this inefficiency is more time, effort and stress to prepare each report, meaning fewer cases and less revenue.

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enjoy easier reports

healthmemo's assist can streamline your experience to help you:

  • make an accurate assessment

  • produce a comprehensive report with less time and effort

  • enhance your reputation with case referrers, and

  • increase your revenue.

 Let us show you how it works.

 a creative remedy


healthmemo's assist simplifies medico-legal reporting 


Uploads files for reliable processing to digitise, categorise, index, and remove duplication.


Extracts case information with precision including case facts, medical findings, a visual timeline, and questions to be addressed in your report.


Automatically compiles an abstract for you of each document provided in the case materials.


Smart search functionality enables you to intelligently search and review the case materials. Capture and compile significant excerpts for your supporting notes. One-click links connect you directly to source materials.


Assist automates impairment assessment by calculating results for you. No need to navigate complex tables or perform manual calculations - just input the measured client data and let assist do the work.


Uses powerful tools, simple steps, templates and an intuitive layout to help you set out case facts and findings to deliver professional reports quickly and efficiently.

An intuitive layout that's simple to use.

You're up and running in minutes !

a secure environment

Hosted in a secure environment - all records stay in Australia.

Compliant with Australian Privacy Law with all necessary protections for sensitive health data.

All records encrypted in transit and at rest.

No security concerns - removes the need to store sensitive files on your email or practice server.


about healthmemo

our story

With first hand experience as an Independent Medical Expert (IME), our founder was motivated to overcome the frustrations of wading through piles of documents and information to distil critical medical details. He realised what improvements were possible and what needed to be done to harness the latest advances in technology to deliver a game changing solution.

our vision

We envision a future where all medical information is easily organised and accessible for accurate assessments by IME's.  We help create the best outcomes for providers, referrers and claimants by enabling fast, fair and accurate reporting. 

our solution

healthmemo's  assist is the user friendly solution to leverage the latest advances in OCR, natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. healthmemo is easy and intuitive. It takes the pain and stress out of medico-legal reports and improves speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Doctor and Patient

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Stay informed of developments and trends with expert medical assessments.

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client testimonials

Dr. Sarah Collins

Head of Cardiology at MedTech Hospital

“healthmemo's assist has transformed the way I approach medico-legal reports. Instead of dreading the process I actually enjoy using healthmemo to produce quality reports quickly.

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